I took the long way round into wedding photography after a career as a designer for 12 years. My interest in weddings began whilst working as an art editor on bridal magazines. Around that time my children were born and everything changed. I picked up the camera again, purely to document as a mother and realised the impact photographs could have on the heart when loved ones were in the frame.  It was that combined with a desire for a healthier balance in work and home life that pushed me forward.

Since then I’ve never looked back and I still try to always hold to what’s important in life. Our human connections, our stories and, of course love.

With photography I felt something more than I ever felt as a designer. It’s a heart-racing need to push further and learn more in this chosen craft.  It’s a discovery of pure joy when you realise you can communicate a feeling or a story with images alone, and others feel it too. That universal connection leaves me in awe every time. 

I truly believe that the decisions you make in life, the experiences you have, the places you’ve been, the skills you acquire, all collide to make you the photographer that you are today.

Selected by Rangefinder Magazine as one of the top Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2013, Paula has been commissioned to shoot weddings and bridal editorial both at home in Ireland and internationally. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and online publications including Junebug Weddings, Rangefinder Magazine, BRIDES Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Pacific Weddings, Southern Weddings, Once Wed, Magnolia Rouge, Harper’s Bazaar UK, and many more.